Living Courageously #like Jesus

In my reading of the Gospels today, Jesus cleanses the leper, heals the paralytic, calls Matthew (a hated tax collector), eats with other “sinners” at Matthew’s house , and heals the man with the shriveled hand on the Sabbath (Matthew 8-9,12; Mark 2-3; Luke 5-6).

Jesus was willing to do things that would cost him. He ministered to people in ways that were not only unexpected, but also unaccepted. It wasn’t just what Jesus did (healing the hurting…  what could be wrong with that?), but who he did it for (sinners, cultural outcasts), when he did it (on the Sabbath, a day when work of any kind was forbidden), where he did it (in the synagogue or in full view of those opposed to him), and even how he did it (telling the paralytic “your sins are forgiven”).

Jesus courageously- in obedience to the Father and in the power of the Spirit- did what was right, regardless of the cost. This was a model for his disciples, whom we see doing the same thing in the book of Acts.

Like them, I want to courageously follow Jesus, regardless of the cost.

How will Jesus ask me to courageously follow Him today?

How will Jesus ask you to courageously follow Him today?

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