Burning Hearts #likeJesus

Can you imagine spending two hours walking and talking with Jesus?  What would you talk about with Him?  Or better yet, what would He talk about with you?

After the Resurrection,  Jesus found two of His disciples (Cleopas and his companion) traveling on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus.  They’d heard reports about the Resurrection but still struggled to believe.

Along the way, Jesus explained the Scriptures regarding the coming Messiah.  Later that day at one of their homes, He broke bread with them.  Their eyes were opened.  They now realized it was Jesus they had been with.

I love their response.  “Didn’t our hearts burn within us as He talked to us!”  Immediately they went to tell the Apostles.

When we spend time with Jesus, do our hearts burn within us?   They should.  And when they do, our response will be unavoidable.   We’ll go and tell!


To learn more about Walking As Jesus Walked and Discipling As Jesus Discipled, visit:  SONLIFE.COM

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