Proclaim #likeJesus

What can we learn from Pilate about proclaiming Christ?

The question almost seems ridiculous.  Pilate?  He was ruthless, not righteous.  What could be learned from him?

Well, from a seeker’s perspective, Pilate wanted to know the truth.  “What is truth?”  he asked Jesus.  Pilate asked lots of questions.  He didn’t allow his opinion of Jesus to be shaped by the doubters and haters, but instead looked at Jesus directly.  He did, however, allow his opinion to be influenced by his wife’s dream (the supernatural).  With all this though, to our knowledge Pilate still never believed.

Yet even as a wicked, ruthless unbeliever, Pilate proclaimed Christ more boldly than most Christians.

“Behold the Man!”

Look at Jesus.  See who He is.  I’ve examined Him, and here is what I have found to be true.

“Behold your King!”

Make a choice.  This is who Jesus is, who He claims to be.  Make Him your King.

Of course, the Chief Priests rejected Pilate’s plea.  They rejected Jesus as their Messiah.  “Away with Him, away with Him!  Crucify Him!”

Pilate presented the truth about Christ.  “Behold the Man!”

Pilate asked for a response to Christ.  “Behold your King!”

In its simplest form, that is evangelism.

Pilate was an unredeemed, evil man.

We know and love Jesus.

We are indwelt and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

We are called and commissioned as Ambassadors.

We, as Christ-followers, shouldn’t let Pilate out-evangelize us!


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