Messengers #likeJesus

Where is God sending us?  Who is God sending us to?  What is God sending us to say?  When is God sending us?  We’re all being sent.  We’re all called to be messengers.

Today I begin reading through my fourth Harmony of the Gospels this year, The Merged Gospels by Gary Crossland.  I’m loving this harmony journey!

Gabriel, the angel, is a messenger of God.  The name Gabriel means “God is my strength!”  Since we are called to be messengers too, I’m struck by the thought, “What can I learn from an angel?”

Well, as it turns out, quite a bit 🙂

1. God shows up when His people pray!

Gabriel shows up when the people of God are praying.  Prayer invites the activity of God and emboldens the messenger of God.

2. God shows up when His messengers speak!

There is this curious phrase “the angel of the Lord, standing on the right side…”  What does this mean?  Metaphorically, we as messengers should stand (be strong, firm in our convictions) on the right side (that which is just, true, honorable).  But this isn’t just a metaphor.  The angel stood on the right side of the table.  The right side was the place of honor.  The right side was also the side of the table where the showbread was placed, which represented God’s presence.  When we show up as a messenger, God’s presence should be evident.

3. Messengers of God speak with God’s authority!

The angel speaks with authority.  “Fear not, Zecharias…”  Messengers of God must speak with clarity and authority.

4. Messengers of God speak directly!

Gabriel connected personally.  He called Zecharias by name.  The more personally we can connect, the more powerful the message becomes.

5. Messengers of God must spend time in His presence!

And where does Gabriel’s power and authority come from?  He says, “I am Gabriel.  I have been standing in the sight of God…”  When we stand in God’s presence, making it a priority to be alone with Him, we can then act with His power and authority.

6. Messengers of God speak when they’re sent!

Gabriel says “I was sent to speak to you, and to proclaim good news to you.”   Messengers are sent.  We don’t act on our own.  We don’t speak for ourselves.  It’s not our message we carry.  It’s His good news.

7. Messengers of God make an impact!

After being sent to Zecharias, Gabriel is then sent to Mary.  Gabriel has a message.  It’s meant to bring joy, to dispel fear, to inject grace and to inspire hope.  “Nothing will be impossible!”  Shouldn’t we as messengers of the Good News do the same thing… bring joy, dispel fear, inject grace and inspire hope?

Gabriel, a messenger of God.  May that title be given to you and me too.  May we be sent.  May we connect personally and proclaim powerfully.  May we bring hope.


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