Love Amplified #LikeJesus

If you want to know what’s inside a person, squeeze them hard enough… and you’ll find out.

In telling the crucifixion account, Eyewitness includes Psalm 22:16-18, 69:21 and Isaiah 53:12.  It begins…

“At nine o’clock, when the soldiers reached the place called The Skull, they nailed Jesus to the cross.”

“Father, forgive them,” Jesus prayed, “because they do not know what they are doing.”

“Like a pack of dogs, the wicked gathered to see the piercing of His hands and feet.  They looked at Him and gloated as they counted His ribs.”

When you put the potent words from the prophecy of Psalm 22 in the crucifixion account, they bring an immediate weight of horror and hatred to the story.

The closest we can come to this picture today are the images of ISIS beheading Christians on the beach or placing a soldier in a cage, doused in gasoline, and burning him alive.

What kind of person captures scenes like these on video to put on the Internet for the world to see?

People consumed with evil.

What a powerfully evil image, “Like a pack of dogs, the wicked gathered to see the piercing of His hands and feet.”

On the cross, Jesus stood face to face with an unfathomable evil.

The Jewish people had cried out, “Crucify Him!  Crucify Him!”

The soldiers mocked Him, spat on Him, struck Him in the face, beat Him.

“Like a pack of dogs, the wicked gathered to see the piercing of His hands and feet.”

I think about what a ravenous pack of dogs can do.  I’ve seen a pack of wild dogs in Africa take a carcass and rip the flesh off it, foaming at the mouth, fighting for every bone.  I had a friend in Haiti have a pack of dogs attack his goat one night.  It was tied up outside his hut.  He heard dogs barking, howling, fighting during the night.  He woke up in the morning to find a tattered rope and the bones of his goat picked clean.  There was nothing left.

“Like a pack of dogs, the wicked gathered to see the piercing of His hands and feet.”

They would seek to destroy Him, to devour Him.  When they were finished, there would be nothing left of Him.

People consumed with evil.

This was Satan’s finest hour.  Just as Satan had filled Judas’ heart, he certainly had filled this “pack of dogs” also.

They were consumed with evil.  Jesus was consumed with love.

“Father, forgive them.”

“Who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, scorning its shame.”  Hebrews 12:2

The immensity of their evil amplifies the audacity of His love.

“But God demonstrates His love toward us in this, that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”  Romans 5:8

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son…”

To see and feel the horror and hatred of the cross magnifies the depths of His love.

“Like a pack of dogs, the wicked gathered TO SEE the piercing of His hands and feet.”

Do I see?  I will fix my eyes on Jesus.

Oh, what love!  For me!  I’m overwhelmed, buried under the avalanche of Your love set off by the cross.  And I find my heart heavy, crushed beneath the weight of responsibility that it was my sin that brought the pack of dogs to You.

Father, forgive me when I forget the cost of my sin.

Father, forgive me when I have a cavalier attitude toward sin.

Father, thank you.


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