Living #likeJesus

Why I’m passionate about living #likeJesus.

I’m on an adventure with Jesus in 2016.  I’m reading through the Gospels each month, using a different Harmony of the Gospels to get a fuller picture of the Jesus story.  This month, I’m in Robert Mounce’s Harmony:  Jesus, In His Own Words.

Personalizing John 1, here’s what the Father spoke to my heart today.

Jesus brought everything into existence… for me!

He is the source of life…  for me!

He is the light that shines into the darkness…  for me!

He came to the world, his creation…  to me, so I could receive him, believing on his name!

He gave the privilege of becoming a child of God…  to me!

He gave new birth…  to me!

He became human, clothed in flesh, and lived among us, to set an example…  for me!

He revealed his glory…  for me!

He has provided one gracious gift after another through the infinite supply of His glory and goodness…  for me!

Jesus came for me!

“We love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19


Why are you passionate about living #likeJesus?

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