Rejected #likeJesus

From the very beginning, Jesus’ journey was promised (prophesied) to be turbulent.  Some people, like gentle waves lapping the shores of Galilee, would welcome him.  Others, like waves battered back by jagged rocks, would reject him.

I’m on an adventure with Jesus in 2016.  I’m reading through the Gospels each month, using a different Harmony of the Gospels to get a fuller picture of the Jesus story.  This month, I’m in Robert Mounce’s Harmony:  Jesus, In His Own Words.

Listen to Simeon’s prophetic words from Luke 2 about the newborn Christ: I have seen with my own eyes the one who brings salvation. You have prepared him with all the nations in view. He is a light that will bring salvation to the Gentiles and glory to your people Israel. Hear me now, many in Israel will either fall or rise because of your son. He will be a sign from God that many will reject.

Even the name of Jesus divides people. Some worship. Others revile, reject, diminish or discount him. The stone the builders rejected became their capstone.

We can be winsome in sharing the good news, but it’s still not good news to everyone. Regardless of how lovingly and winsomely we share, some will take offense. The simple message of the gospel has been an offense to those who would reject Christ since the time of his birth.

For Mary, Simeon said this rejection would bring sorrow, like a sharp sword piercing her heart.  Oh, what depth of sorrow she would feel, the very breaking of her heart.  Is it depth of sorrow because of others, or on behalf of others?

Is that the depth of sorrow I feel as others reject my Savior?  Is that the depth of sorrow you feel when others reject your Savior?

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