Playing #likeJesus

It was evident to all who knew Jesus, to all who heard him teach, to all who saw how he treated people, that Jesus was “playing by a different set of rules.”

In  Matthew 13, Mark 4 and Luke 8,13 we find Jesus teaching with parables on the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven.  The parables of the Sower, the Seed growing in Secret, the Weeds and the Wheat, the Mustard Seed, the Fermented Dough, the Hidden Treasure, the Pearl of great Price, the Net, Gems of Truth…

The overall flavor of these parables seems to be the invitation to passionately pursue the things of God (His Kingdom), discarding distraction, because the reward is great.

What is the reward for those living by the principles that govern the Kingdom of God?  What makes the pursuit of this Kingdom worth it?  The reward in His Kingdom is HIM!!!  The reward IS the King himself!!!  The reward is God…  knowing God, being loved by God, loving Him in return.  In Him and HIM alone we find our Security, our Satisfaction and our Significance!  And He’s not just our King, He’s our Daddy!

Which Kingdom are you pursuing today?  What’s the reward you’re seeking after?  As you think about your priorities, choices, actions and words, is it evident that you’re playing by a different set of rules from this world we live in?

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