Unmasked #likeJesus

Who was Jesus?  Who did He claim to be?  Who did others think He was?  What difference does it make?

Jesus ministry in Jerusalem, His interaction with the religious crowd, and the events surrounding the death of John the Baptist give us insight into Jesus’ true nature (Matthew 14, Mark 6, Luke 9, John 5-6).

Jesus’ words to the Jewish authorities in John 5 are some of the most powerful declarations he makes regarding his identity.

“I can do nothing on my own, but only what I see my Father doing.”
“The Father loves me.”
“I give life to those I choose.”
“The Father has made the Son judge of all, honor me as much as you honor Him.”
“He has given me authority to judge because I am the Son of Man.”
“I can do nothing on my own.”
“The miracles I do were assigned to me by my Father and they prove conclusively that I was sent by the Father.”

Jesus boldly declares his Deity.  He is the Father’s Son… He is the Son of Man…  He is to be honored equally with the Father…  His miracles prove the Father sent Him.

Jesus’ statements also poignantly declare his dependency and humility in being made fully human.  I do nothing on my own… I only do what I see the Father doing. 

Jesus Christ, sent as our Savior; sent as our Lord; sent as our Model.  Oh, to know Him personally and to pursue Him passionately…  to be a disciple of His like Peter, James and John.  To have a relationship with Him that’s as real, as personal, as my relationships with my closest of friends or even  my family.  To have a relationship with Him that inspires reverence, awe and worship that’s more profound than any emotion I’ve ever experienced with another human being.  To be an intimate of the Almighty.  That is my desire!

The Apostle Paul declared in Philippians 3:10 “I want to know Christ!”  Knowing the real Jesus changes everything!  My Past…  changed!  My Present… changed!  My Future… changed!  Knowing Jesus changes EVERYTHING!!!

I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, and so somehow, to attain to the resurrection from the dead.


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