Persistent Faith #likeJesus

When it comes to prayer, how strong, healthy and well developed am I?

Jesus prayed, not just to set us an example, but because it’s what people who love God, who are hungry for God, will naturally do.

I can read the Bible because I’m hungry for knowledge.  I want to know about God.

But when I pray, not formulaic ritualistic prayers, but honest, impassioned conversations, it reveals a heart that longs to know God intimately.

Am I an intimate of His?

Could it be that prayer is God’s love language?

In Luke 18, Jesus was teaching His disciples about prayer.   In Eyewitness, this teaching follows Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.  Could it have been this experience that prompted Jesus’ teaching?

“To illustrate their need to always pray and never give up, Jesus told a story…”  Luke 18:1

Always pray and never give up!

Never?  What if I’m praying for someone and they die?  What if they’ve been dead for a day or two?  What if they’ve been dead four days, embalmed, and already buried?

That gives new meaning to “never give up!”

What’s impossible for God though?  Nothing!

There might be plenty of things that seem dead and buried.  A dream.  A relationship.  An opportunity.

Always pray and never give up!

When Jesus had heard that His friend Lazarus was sick, He said, “The purpose of His sickness is not to cause his death but to bring God glory.”

If Jesus has spoken in my life, do I believe Him?  If I do, then I will pray and never give up.

The story Jesus told to illustrate our need to always pray and never give up was about a woman who pestered a judge until he heard her case.  He concludes the story with this.

“But when the Son of Man comes, will He find such persistent faith on the earth?”

Does the way I pray reveal a persistent faith?  Do I pray like I believe God is my Father…  a good, good Father…  who loves it when I come to talk to Him about anything and everything?

Father…  Abba…  Papa, can we talk?


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