Being Present #likeJesus

“On the way to Jerusalem, Jesus passed through the towns and villages, teaching as He went.”  Luke 13:22

How did Jesus determine whom to minister to, when to minister, and how to minister?

Jesus was intentional.  Or maybe a better way of looking at it is, Jesus was obedient.  He did what the Father showed Him to do.  Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit, so whom He ministered to and when and how He ministered was at the Spirit’s direction.

Jesus was on His way to Jerusalem.  He had a purpose for being there.  Yet on the journey, He was not so focused on where He was going that He lost sight of where He was or who was around Him.

Jesus lived in the present.  The places He went “through” and the people He “passed by” were not overlooked because He had “more important places to go and people to see.”

Jesus noticed.

Jesus noticed people.

Jesus notices me!

Jesus didn’t just go “through” a place.  He was present “in” that place.  Why?  Because…

It’s all important.

It all matters to Him.

I sit on a lot of planes.  I go to a lot of places. What a great reminder from Jesus’ example to be fully present, not just “where I’m going,” but even “as I am going.”

“Therefore, as you are going, make disciples of all nations!”


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