Entrusted #likeJesus

What does it mean to be a “good servant?”

I want to be called a good servant by Jesus.  Don’t you?!

In Matthew 24, Jesus tells three successive stories.  The Faithful Manager, The Ten Virgins and The Faithful Servants.

Jesus’ words from the first of these three are particularly poignant.

“How does the faithful and wise servant behave?”

I want to be called “faithful and wise.”

“The good manager always focuses on business the same as if the owner were there, so he is found doing a good job when the owner arrives.  Truly, such a man will be put in charge of everything.”

To be counted worthy of such great responsibility is a treasured honor.

The simple truth is this.  God is ALWAYS with me.  He is always watching.  Nothing goes unnoticed.  The Holy Spirit lives inside of me.  Like it or not, He goes where I go.  He sees what I see.  He misses NOTHING.

When I walk in the power of the Spirit, I experience the dynamic presence of the living Christ.  He is with me!

And when I live with the moment by moment reality of His presence, then I will live, love, work and serve “the same as if the owner were there.”

It’s when I get lazy and neglect my relationship with God, failing to spend time with Him, that I don’t experience the reality of His presence.  In those moments, the temptation to live, love, work and serve as if He weren’t paying attention becomes much greater.

Being a faithful and wise servant, then, isn’t as much about the quality of my work as it is about my relationship to the Master.

If I love Him, I will long to spend time with Him.

If I love Him, I will want to please Him.

If I love Him, He will joyfully entrust me with greater blessing and larger responsibility.

Love breeds trust.


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