Assisted by Angels #likeJesus

I’m tired this morning.  It’s been a season of high output.  Lots of meetings.  Lots of time with people.  Lots of conversations.  Lots of ministering.  Lots of teaching.   Lots of giving.  Father, you showed up.  You used me.  Students and leaders were energized, equipped and engaged.  Lives were changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I’m grateful.  I’m joyful.   And I’m tired.

I can only begin to imagine how Jesus felt.  He’d been teaching, serving, healing, battling.  I’m sure He was tired.

What did Jesus do?

He prayed.

Matthew 26, Mark 14 and Luke 22 record Jesus crossing the Kidron Valley from Jerusalem to the Mount of Olives, where He got away to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Eyewitness records Jesus saying to Peter, James and John, “Stay here and watch with me.  My heart is overcome with sorrow to the point of death.”

While I might feel “dead tired,” I’ve never been overcome with sorrow to the point of death.  I can relate to Jesus’ exhaustion, but not His emotion.

Actually, I can probably relate better to Peter, James and John whom Jesus found sleeping while He was praying.  Their eyes were heavy.  They couldn’t stay awake.

Many times I’ve fallen asleep on Jesus.  While praying, my eyes too became heavy.  I know the reality of these words:  “The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.”

I’d not really noticed before how the Father ministered to the Son during this moment of exhaustion and emotion.  It says,

“An angel from heaven appeared and strengthened Him.”

This had happened at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry during another season of intense exhaustion and emotion.  It was in the wilderness, where after 40 days of praying, fasting and being tempted by Satan, Jesus was met by angels.

“Then angels came and ministered to Him.”

The angels were sent by the Father to minister to Jesus.  An angel strengthened Him.

The Father knows.  The Father cares.

It makes me wonder.  Does the Father ever send angels to minister to us, to strengthen us?

I know we have the Holy Spirit.  He is sufficient.  He dwells within us.  He strengthens us.  We don’t need angels to be sent on our behalf.  But I wonder, does the Father ever go overboard and send angels anyway?

Jesus was full of the Spirit, led by the Spirit, had the power of the Spirit, was anointed by the Spirit…  and yet the Father sent angels anyway!

The extravagant grace of the Father.  He blesses us beyond what we deserve.  He loves us.  He cares for us.

Indwelt by His Spirit…  and He sends angels anyway.  Wow!


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