Triumphant #likeJesus

When Judas had gone, Jesus turned to His disciples and said, “The time has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.  And God will be glorified in Him.  If God is glorified in Him, He will not delay in His plan to glorify the Son of Man .”

It’s unimaginable to think that the hatred and horror of the cross could be a vehicle that brought glory.  Glory belongs to the victor, not the vanquished.

But heroic courage displayed in defeat brings a different kind of glory.  Jesus would display heroic courage through sacrifice.  He was about to willingly lay down His life for those He loved, even though many would spurn that love.

But we also know, from this side of the cross, that Jesus’ heroic courage was not displayed in defeat.  He was crucified, but He was not vanquished.  In death, Jesus was victorious.  In death, Jesus accomplished His mission.

Death.  Glory?  Yes!

The righteous demands of God’s judgement were met through Christ’s death.  He took our sins and nailed them to the cross.

The Father loves us so much, He willingly made a way, offering His own Son to take on our sin and its just penalty.

Jesus glorified the Father by obeying Him completely.

Jesus glorified the Father by making a way for us wayward ones to return home.

The Father glorified the Son through the cross as well.  Jesus became our hero through His courageous sacrifice, through His death.  In defeat, He took our sins down with Him.  Yes, He was vanquished, but so was sin!   Through His death, Jesus dealt a death blow to the power of sin to condemn us to hell.

The Father glorified the Son through the grave as well.  Jesus heroics grew when, after conquering sin and hell, He then also conquered death and the grave.  Yes, He was vanquished, but not for long.  The grave couldn’t hold Him!   Through His resurrection, Jesus triumphantly conquered death.

Death.  Glory?   Yes!

Death conquers sin.

His glory is our redemption!

Resurrection conquers death.

His glory is our restoration.

The cross, a symbol of judgement, humiliation and defeat, has become a symbol of love, joy and triumph.

Oh, the glory of the cross!


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